It can be only once

One of a kind ceramic pieces of art. Sculpture in clay is a passion and so is the urge to create something simply beautiful. All I want is to create the jewelry I wish to have for myself and the objects I’d love to be surrounded by in my home. Patience and meraki* are the necessary values to achieve that. Each piece is by its nature unique and cannot be done exactly the same twice. That’s the meaning of ‘one of a kind’ after all.

Meraki*_ Greek word that would mean the deep love for creating something.

Elina K.creator of maKKe ceramics.


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Geometric and hand made one by one, the ceramic elements fit together as unique earrings and necklaces. Inspired by the most famous ergonomic shape in nature.


Geometric and doric pendants and earrings, sculpted individually in impressive shapes, characterized by their sharp edges.


Born from the foam of the sea, the collection consists of earrings in which the flexible and smooth body of the white porcelain is the ideal canvas, symbolizing the moment the wave hits the shore.

Take me
to Church

Memorable crosses and special gifts for christening and wedding.